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Tourist site around the theme of Sacred art in SARREGUEMINES, classified in the list of historic monuments, free entrance

It was erected between 1760 and 1768 with Vosges’ sandstone in a neo-classical style. It has been named from Saint Nicolas, patron saint of the boatman, the children and Lorraine. The monument was built according to the military architect Charles Martin’s plans. Its architecture is massive and you can observe some patterns mentioning military insignia (helmets, flags …) for the glory of the Divine Armies in the pediment. On the upper part of the front door you can see three sculpted angels’ heads placed above and below a triangle containing God’s eye. This figure represents the Holy Trinity. In the 18th century, the church represented a very massive building regarding the number of inhabitants in the town (2,000 people). The monument contains interesting furniture from the 18th century. The High-Altar and the pulpit are characteristic works from the baroque time. The pulpit is interesting with its rockery patterns. It is decorated with a dove, symbol of the divine inspiration and of the four evangelists Luke, Matthew, Mark and John, who are realized in naïve style. The church has also a baroque organ, bought in 1769, which was reformed a few times and the last one after the fire in 1990. Its today’s façade contains a central body from the 18th century and the lateral towers (1850). The instrumental part has been rebuilt by the instrument maker Yves Koenig according to the bill of specifications established by Norbert Petri. The three big paintings of the chorus are the work of Januareuszick, the official painter of the Prince-Bishop of Trêves’ Court. They represent the Nativity, the descent of the cross and the Resurrection. The most precious sculpture and the dearest of Sarreguemines’ chorus id the Piéta from the chapel of the Virgin Mary (1663).
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