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Tourist site around the theme of Sacred art in FAMECK, classified in the list of historic monuments, free entrance

Morlange, away from the commune of Fameck, is located about ten kilometres west of Thionville. The chapel’s bell-tower rises over the village, and is devoted to Saint Nicholas and Saint Roch. Classified in the inventory of historic monuments on 31 January 1845, it is one of the most beautiful and best preserved historic examples of Romanesque art in the region. A haven of peace at the bottom of the Justemont hills, the chapel stands away from prying eyes, in the middle of a grassy enclosure, whose entry is embellished by a splendid Renaissance portal curiously carved and topped by a coat of arms.

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Amicale Morlange et sa chapelle
Monsieur Armand GIACOMEL

123 rue Saint-Roch
57290 FAMECK
03 82 52 79 81