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Arts & Crafts : Pottery in HALSTROFF, free entrance

Chance is the key! Marc Schutzing's story is particularly touching and inspiring. After 30 years in the industry, he discovered pottery by chance while participating in a raku workshop in 2013. The work of the earth as the perpetuation of an ancestral gesture was for him a revelation, an evidence even a true introspection. Installed in his village of Halstroff, he now exercises his passion in his workshop, an old stable to which he gives life, where he creates, models, kneads, shapes, enamels, and expresses himself with talent ... in the quiet of the countryside. As you can see, each piece is unique. Utility pieces with character, modern, with strong colors (deep red, ice blue, sunshine yellow, bright green...), which fit perfectly into contemporary interiors. So don't wait any longer, push the door of the Atelier Claudiaume and admire the work of the artist.
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Monsieur Marc SCHUTZING

33 rue principale
06 87 76 20 47