In and around Metz

Metz is Pays Messin's crown jewel and teeming with 3,000 years of history, and Amnéville valley is leisure-seeker paradise. Together, they add up to an extraordinary experience away from it all in Moselle.

Nature, water, light and public areas peppered with monuments are a few of the features in Metz, Lorraine's capital. It has been cultivating its hallmark gentle lifestyle for centuries.This city of art and history that has an unrivalled flair for up-to-the-minute touches is well worth exploring. The bold Centre Pompidou-Metz is only one example.

There are also great walks that will lead you to breathtaking views of the Vallée de la Moselle and through the picturesque villages around Metz.

And, if you are here to relax, head north to Amnéville-les-Thermes to tour the zoo, and to indulge get fighting fit in the thermal spa, touring the treetops or playing golf - or drop into the casino to complete this amazing, reviving and fun cocktail of experiences!