The Pays Thionvillois area

The Pays Thionvillois in Moselle is a land of contrasts, where France, Luxembourg and Germany meet.

The PaysThionvillois is where France, Luxembourg and Germany meet and history is palpable here. The chateaux in Sierck-les-Bains and Malbrouck are still bustling with medieval goings-on and troubadours. The military buildings on the Maginot line still stand as unassailable fortresses. The eco-museum in Neufchef tells the story behind the industrial and human adventure around Lorraine's iron-ore mines. And the vineyards on the River Moselle's banks still yield this area's hallmark tangy white wine and its subtle, surprising hints.

Don't miss the opportunity to stop over and relax in Rodemack - Lorraine's "petite Carcassonne" and one of France's most beautiful villages to experience what a holiday is really all about.