Sarrebourg - Château-Salins area

The forests, lakes and pink sandstone massifs skirting Alsace, in Pays de Sarrebourg - Château-Salins, provide the perfect backdrop for a great holiday in Moselle.

The green lakes, ponds and forests, and green sandstone on the Vosges' first foothills add up to the Pays de Sarrebourg - Château-Salins' incomparable pallet of landscapes. The sheer variety beckons you to take your time on a stroll to Dabo, Saint-Quirin or Abreschviller to explore the unspoilt natural surroundings and protected fauna and flora. After visiting Sainte-Croix animal park - one of France's most popular - or a boat ride across Etang du Stock, you will know everything there is to know about Lorraine's wildlife.

Pays de Sarrebourg - Château-Salins' cuisine has also established an enviable reputation for its hallmark Eastern French flavours, so don't miss an epicurean experience here - and feast your eyes on the fine crystal and earthenware, or Chagall's monumental stained glass window for Peace, in Sarrebourg.

Pays du Sel is a surprise waiting to happen. It has been dubbed the land of salt and lakes, and is nestled in Lorraine regional national park. The natural environment here is original: it has startling saline marshes and seaside plants. The fauna here is also wilder, especially in Domaine de l’Etang de Lindre, which spans 1,000 hectares of unspoilt diversity. And the area is steeped in the chiaroscuro light that Georges de La Tour - who was born in Vic-sur-Seille, which has opened a museum in his honour - cherished.