Pays de Sarreguemines - Bitche

Countless trekking trails criss-cross the heavenly green surroundings in Pays de Sarreguemines - Bitche in Moselle.

Pays de Sarreguemines - Bitche is in the heart of Vosges du Nord natural park, and a UNESCO global biosphere reserve. Countless hiking trails cross-cross this heavenly green spot, leading trekkers to countless sheltered vestiges of forts, via-crucis, chapels and altars, a stone's throw from Alsace.

The sand, water and wood in the forests have spawned amazing crystal pieces in Saint-Louis and earthenware in Sarreguemines, and the Centre International d’Art Verrier in Meisenthal showcases this area's creative streak and what puts it in a class by itself.

As it is on Germany's doorstep, Pays de Bitche became a military stronghold early on. The revisited Vauban citadel, military buildings and other exponents of military art contrast with the more ephemeral and soothing atmosphere in the gardens today.